Add Camera

How to add camera in APP

1.APP Download

Please Download and install the Wanscam APP before you set up the

IP Camera. Search on Google Play store and APP Store for “E-View 7”


By using this screen you may add new cameras to the App. Here are the four ways “Adding camera manually”, “Scan QR code”, and “LAN search””one key setting” possible.

Add Camera:


Option 1: 

Add camera manually

Enter the device information (ID, account, password), and click on the "Save" button in the

upper right corner of the screen.

Option 2:

Add a camera by scanning QR code, Scan QR Code


For the scanning, please enter the put the QR code into the scan box or the P2P ID label on camera. Then the device ID number will be scanned. After the scan is completed you only must enter the account and the password of the device, and the camera will be added to the device list.

Option 3:

LAN Search:


LAN requires two preconditions:

a)The mobile device must be connected to the local network.

b)The camera must be located in the same network.

After the app was completing the camera search, click on the new menu item displayed. This will redirect you to the Add camera screen where you modify the configuration, and save the device.

Option 4:

One key setting function (mobile phone is connected to a WiFi. This function only is available for HW Series IP Camera).

a)Connect the camera with the power supply (you do not need to connect Ethernet cable).

b)Launch the APP, click on the add “+” icon, the “Add Camera” screen will be displayed. In the screen, click on the “One key setting” option, then the screen like below will appear:


c)Enter to PWD the correct password of the WiFi, then click on “Start configuration”, like shown in the image below:



d)Wait for about 60 seconds. Then choose the corresponding device and enter the password, click on "Save" to connect to the WiFi.