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Advantages of IP camera Compared with CCTV
Mar 23, 2017

Nowadays, IP cameras has transcended the past regional restriction, as long as there is network,users can realize remote monitoring and recording.


On one hand, in terms of video storage, it can use the software provided by the manufacturer tore-cord videos from remote or live, while the traditional analog camera can not do this.For wanscam P2P IP cameras, its real plug and play IP cameras, users no need to do port forwarding in router to view from remote. And at the same time the video data can be stored in the NAS which is a kind of network storage devices that very easy to use, and allow a large video data. This is a huge advantage that network camera shows compared with traditional CCTV analog camera.


And due to the Onvif protocol, it makes it possible that IP camera suppliers can sell their products with NVR from other manufacturers.Wanscam 720P HD IP cameras will be with Onvif, so it will be compatible with standard NVR which is sold in the market.


It is very obvious that the network integration high-definition camera has mores advantage than the traditional CCTV camera in product usage.Wanscam IP network cameras can be easily integrated in complex large system, and at the same time can be uses as an independent system under a relatively simple  monitor environment. On the other hand, Wanscam IP cameras are widely used in places that require to capture details and accurately identify, such as Banks and health care. Can provide very clear and detailed images for accurate analysis of the video content.


With the development of science and technology, the IP camera will gradually replace the traditional monitoring camera, become the mainstream product of security cameras.


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