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Analysis on Influence of Five Common Techniques for Security Industry
Jan 09, 2017


Resolution for 4K is 4096 × 2160 which can satisfy the higher monitoring requirements and applied to many domestic monitoring center. The second half of 2014, appropriate equipment onto the market , like 4K cameras, 4KNVR and so on..


Influence: The new round of product replacement coming at 2015 and first in public security, transportation and other industrial applications that requires the high-definition requirements.



4G technology has many advantages such as, faster, more flexible and more  intelligent performance in communication, wider spectrum of network, more smooth compatibility, providing a variety of value-added services, higher quality of multimedia communications, higher frequency usage efficiency, cheaper communication cost and so on. 4G mobile technology investment and promotion to achieve high-definition video surveillance and create a good environment.

   Influence: 4G communication technology era, get rid of the restrictions of cable transmissionand break the network transmission performance constraints on the development of the security industry


H.265 standard mainly retain some technology in the video coding standard H.264, increasing other related technologies such as, the stream to improve the relationship between encoding quality, delay and complexity of the algorithm. The main contents of the study for H.265 including, increasing compression efficiency, improving the robustness and error recovery capabilities, reducing real-time delay, channel acquisition time , random access and complexity.

Influence: Many large domestic enterprises have also launched a consumer products (such as Hikvision, Fluorite and other brands). Security products using H.265 encoding will serve better the development in the civilian security industry.


RFIDRadio Frequency Identificationis a communication technology, which through radio signals to identify specific targets and to read and write data, without recognition system with a specific target and establishing mechanical or optical contact.

  Influence: Today, the smart chip with the read and write and preventing unauthorized can already be used in many containers, pallets, packaging, identification ID cards, books or DVD. Due to the possible future applications, RFID will usher in a period of enormous growth.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a pay-per-use model, which supplies available, convenient, on-demand network access and into the shared pool of configurable computing resources including networks, servers, storage, applications, services. These resources can be quickly provided with little management and rare interact with service providers.

Influence: Mention in the security surveillance industry "cloud" concept, not chase fashion, but because surveillance video is typical of unstructured data. In the current environment, if you want to use these data in depth, be sure to use the cloud. So the cloud is the development trend of the entire security surveillance industry


Key fetures: Security Industry, 4K, 4G, H.265, RFID, Cloud Computing

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