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Fisheye cameras
Apr 17, 2017

 For cameras user, fisheye camera is not a strange for us!

A fisheye camera is a camera that uses an extremely wide-angle lens to capture a viewing range of about 180 degrees. This type of camera is called a “fish eye” because it approximates the vision of a fish’s convex eye.

In Cebit exhibition 2017, we have been asked for produce fisheye ip cameras, after we are back to facotry, fisheye cameras was launched. Now wanscam fisheye cameras will be out soon.

There are two types of fisheye cameras, and they produce different angles of view, different types of distortion, and different photo shapes. Full-frame lenses capture an image that is usually 180 degrees from corner to corner, while the vertical and horizontal angles are smaller. These images fill the rectangular film frame. Circular lenses generally capture a 180 degree view of the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal angles. Images captured by circular lenses are round or oval inside the film frame and the frame around the image is black.


The fisheye camera was first developed for scientific use, to record astronomical features of the full sky and to take forest canopy images for analysis. But for now, fisheye cameras become not expensive for normal customer, it will become an new hot product in the near furture.

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