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Outdoor PTZ Dome IP Camera Installation
Mar 29, 2017

Outdoor PTZ Dome IP Camera Installation

With the rapid development of economy and technology by leaps and bounds, public order security, production safety, property safety and more and more attention, video surveillance equipment is widely used in various industries. In the video surveillance camera, the dome camera in the streets, junctions, subways, campus and other places everywhere. Do not want to ask people, do not want to spend money to find professionals to install, the following installation considerations you need to master!


Note 1: power supply

To ensure that the ptz dome camera to work properly, the power supply should not be lower than the device input voltage nominal. When the nominal value is 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed ± 25%.

When the mains voltage fluctuates beyond + 5% -10%, the AC voltage regulator should be set. UPS can be installed to provide uninterrupted and stable power supply.

Note 2: ground

Dome camera grounding is divided into shell grounding and internal electrical grounding.

Shell grounding is mainly used to prevent static electricity accumulation, electrical leakage, outdoor dome is also particularly necessary to install external lightning protection measures.

Note 3: waterproof

Outdoor dome installation must be waterproof.

For the suspension installation, there is a gap between the ball machine and the bracket. In case of rain and snow weather, the water will penetrate into the gap caused by harm. Therefore, the installation should take waterproof seal measures to eliminate rain and other access from the screw interface.

To reduce the water vapor into the stent, the stent and the pole can be used with rubber mud or silicone sealing treatment.

Note 5: heat dissipation

Dome camera work when the heat problem must also be considered.

Some brands on the market without outdoor models, it can not be directly applied to the outside, you must add outdoor enclosures and other accessories, so that it can adapt to outdoor harsh or extreme temperature environment.


Pay attention to above, thus your camera will not get any problems while working. For outdoor dome ptz ip camera, our HW0045 is good option, 2MP outdoor wifi 5x optical zoom IP camera.



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