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Return to the field of public security
Feb 01, 2018

With the development of new intelligence and new ecology, smart cities, the Internet of Things, cloud technologies, big data and other new construction and application of new technologies. China's security market demand situation has undergone tremendous changes. The size of the security market will also continue to expand, the application of security industry in our country has shown a booming scene.

The ninth theme of the national medium and long-term development plan put forward the concept of "public safety", clearly covering the security business. Emergency Center of the State Council is also the construction of such a position. However, in the initial stage of the development of the security industry, in order to highlight the characteristics of the security industry and to protect the markets that have taken shape, special emphasis has been put on the special functions of security and that the application of security has been deliberately defined, separating security from public safety.

At present, before the public order prevention and control, safety precaution and other terms, usually have to be crowned public security prefix. Therefore, it is more accurate to return to the field of public security than to say that security is in the field of public security.

Security return to public safety means: changes in social needs, application areas, but also shows the direction of security technology and social function changes. This shows that security is about to change from the traditional to the modern one, specifically as follows: coping with non-traditional threats, and transitioning from emergency systems to early-warning systems to achieve risk control.

   This change is undoubtedly a new opportunity for the development of the security camera. It is also a new challenge. As the one of security camera company, we will meet the challenges, solve the problems of public security, move toward a broader area and create new glories.