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Surveillance Wifi IP Camera Will Reach A Wider Consumer Audience In 2018
Jan 31, 2018

In 2017 we foresaw the emergence of video surveillance as a service. We also predicted an increase in intelligence in cameras, greater adoption of analytic, and more content aggregation. We saw bio-metrics taking increasing importance as a measure to prevent massive data breaches.

We took on more projects that were larger in scope and size. More implementations involved higher-resolution cameras and longer retention times leading to greater adoption of multi-tier storage.

Looking Ahead To 2018

Surveillance-as-a-service takes off: In 2017 customers “dipped their toes in the water” with surveillance-as-a-service, and in 2018 it should gain acceptance with a wider audience. Increase in analytic: In 2017 neural networks, machine-learning, real-time analytic, and artificial intelligence all got significant airplay, and are turning into real offerings for 2018.

More data will be created and retained longer: Retention times aren’t shrinking, and tape is increasingly viewed as a vital element in surveillance storage architectures. With more data being produced that is vulnerable to cyber-attack, people are also recognizing the advantage of the air-gaped protection against ransom-ware that is inherent with tape.