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What is POE Network IP Camera
Mar 29, 2017

What is POE Network IP Camera?

1. POE is also known as a LAN-based power supply system (POL) or active Ethernet (Active Ethernet), and sometimes referred to as Ethernet power supply, which is the use of existing standard Ethernet transmission cable at the same time Data and electrical power of the latest standard specifications, and to maintain compatibility with existing Ethernet systems and users;

2. POE a power supply scheme - POE standard for the use of Ethernet transmission cable to send DC to POE-compatible device definition method: a known as "intermediate bridging method" (Mid-Span), the use of Ethernet cable In the absence of the use of idle lines to transmit DC, the corresponding Endpoint PSE (endpoint power supply equipment) support POE function of Ethernet switches, routers, hubs or other network switching equipment;

3.POE network camera topology;

4. POE standard power supply system of the main power supply parameters:

①. Voltage between 44 ~ 57V, the typical value of 48V;

②. Allow the maximum current is 550mA, the maximum starting current of 500mA;

③ typical working current 10 ~ 350mA, overload detection current 350 ~ 500mA;

④. Under no load conditions, the maximum current required is 5mA;

⑤. For the PD module (POE power receiving module) to provide 3.84 ~ 12.95W, 5 levels

of electrical power, the maximum power of not more than 13W;

⑥.POE technical standards: IEEE802.3 (13.4W)






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