motion detection configuration

How to do Motion Detection Configuration in Smart Phone 

1.Go to “Device List”:   


 click on the 图片17.png icon on the right side next to the respective camera.

2.Find “ Camera Setting “screen


3.Click “Email “setting: Configuration of the alarm messages of the camera. Mail setting:


4.Click “Alarm “setting (Please note that our cameras are not equipped with the IO alarm. Do “Alarm “setting as below,select the time, and “save “:


5.Find” SD Card “setting: 

If the camera you bought support SD card function ,you can do “SD Card “setting to record video when motion detection,  and configuring the recording time(Choose the time you want to record). SD card setting:


6.If you want to receive push message when “motion detection”,please turn on “receive alarm push ” as below :




If you canot get push message ,please check the setting of your smart phone as below :



How to do Motion Detection Configuration in Brower(IE recommended)

1)First, you should activate the “Motion detection” and choose the display that need to be motion detected .


2)You may choose the “The Alarm triggering siren” and time schedule, then click on ”Apply”, If the motion detect detects a motion in the configured display detail the alarm bell will ring (The model without audio function is not provided with this alarm ring notification)


Alarm Notification Setting & Email

1)The email configuration screen serves for the preparation of the alarm function. If the motion detect activates your camera is triggered, you will receive an email containing photos. Precondition for this is the correct setup and test of the service. Here the configuration of a Gmail /HOTMAIL account as example:



Note: This function only works if the IP camera is connected to the network. If you use Gmail, you must configure the port as 465, SSL or TLS. But the most important is that you check if your email client has SMTP enabled.

2)Alarm Service Settings, please enter the same settings like in the screenshot below,choose the function you want to have ,For example,if you want to get email alarm after motion detection,you can choose this option”Email Alarm and Send picture” :