set recording

How to set recording in TF Card &Computer in Browser

1.Recording in TF card

1)Click on the 图片23.png icon to access the “Record” settings

2)Choose “on”

3)Choose between ”First stream” or ”Second stream”

4)Choose the time schedule for recording

5)Click on “Apply”


2. Recording to computer disk

1) The main interface into the machine, as shown below;

2) Click on图片25.png ,select the recording path;

3) Click on图片26.png,Start recording.


Note:If you can not change the recording path , please follow these steps:

First,please open search tool,Find the camera's ip address and copy it :


Then,Run IE browser as administrator :


Finally, Paste IP address of the camera in IE browser, Click “Enter”,then you can modify the video path as below :


How to set TF card recording in App

1, click on the 图片17.png icon on the right side next to the respective camera.

Access the SD card setting 


2,Then format the SD card 


3,Select the recording time ,and then click the “Save’ button,

So the camera is start to record .